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Gemma Berongoy Therapy

Cultivating wellness from within.

About Me

I am a BACP-registered Integrative Therapist.  In my time of working with clients I have worked with individuals for whom life has become overwhelmingly difficult or perhaps recognise a need for change.  I offer a warm and empathic space that can help you work through whatever issue brings you to therapy. 


So far I have worked with various issues including: anxiety, depression, difficult family relationships, domestic violence, relationship difficulties, infidelity, sense of belonging,  childhood sexual abuse, infertility, identity, sexuality, low-self esteem, bereavement, racial identity, experiences of racism and trauma.


As a therapist I have a particular interest in racial identity, women's health and minority group experiences.


Alongside my private practice in Hampstead I also provide low-cost counselling through a charity in Hackney.  Outside of therapy, I have a long career in childcare, working alongside families to create safe and nurturing environments for their children.

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What Can You Expect from Me?

What is Integrative Therapy?

What can therapy offer me?

My Approach

Very simply, integrative therapy means that the therapist has been trained in many different models of psychotherapy. The idea being that the therapist then not only can tailor their approach to match who they are but also, are able to honour the fact that each and every client has different needs.

People come to therapy for a myriad of reasons, whether that's grief, relationship struggles, low self-esteem, recent or past trauma, anxiety and depression - to name a few! Often people find themselves in a place where they need change but find themselves stuck in patterns of behaviour that no longer serve them. I offer therapy as a space to not only help us understand these better but also to be able to feel more compassionately towards ourselves. I believe this combination can offer us a way to live more peacefully and courageously. Which leads me to an important point; going to therapy is a courageous thing to do and a process that can be challenging and uncomfortable at times. However, with time, I believe therapy ultimately offers us a place for healing: to come to understand who we are.

Fundamentally, I believe that we as human beings grow and evolve through relationship and that the therapeutic relationship can offer a way to examine who we are and how we behave but also an opportunity to explore a new way of being. In my practice I not only explore childhood experiences and family dynamics, but also like to hold a space that considers other influences in people's lives, for example the wider socio-political climate, different cultures and intergenerational experiences. Looking through this wider lens I think offers us a way to understand and be with our thoughts, feelings and sensations. I believe that our bodies hold a wealth of information and often know what we are feeling before we can even put language to it. In therapy I seek to help you to slow down and to tune into your body and pay attention to internal signals that may help us to identify feelings or experiences. I am committed to working within the BACP's Ethical Framework, ensuring that a clients can expect a safe and ethical place to be heard.


I currently offer in-person therapy sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Hampstead.  Sessions are on the hour and last for 50 minutes.

Free 15 minute introduction call

Should you decide you might like to start therapy with me I offer a free introductory phone call for us to introduce ourselves.

First Session

First sessions are charged at £40 for us both to meet and see if we feel we can work together.  In this session I am interested in getting deeper understanding of you and why you have sought therapy.  We will talk about what your goals and wishes are from the space.  This is also a time for you to ask any questions you may have about how I work and what you can expect.  Hopefully, at the end of this session we can decide how we move forward.

Weekly Sessions

Sessions are conducted weekly, for 50-minutes and charged at £80. 

Payment can be made by bank transfer or cash.​


If money is a barrier please do let me know as I do have some have some slots available at a concession rate.


​We will agree to a weekly slot that will be your slot for the time we agree to work together. 


All sessions are confidential.

Please get in touch to book a session or make an enquiry.
Please be aware that my response may go to your junk/spam folder.

Hampstead Meeting House

120 Heath Street



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